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About Us

Above anything else, Probuilding Concept is reputed as an expert at making unique, high-quality facades. When it comes to our services, the only have to goals we strive to achieve are top-notch quality and a happy customer. Nothing makes us as confident in our work as we are more, than the many years of our experience, highly qualified team, and upper-grade materials that we import from Austria.


PBC’s mission is to make sure that our customers can live or work in comfort of a house decorated with not just an astounding, but also a functional façade. By “functional” we mean that our facades are moisture-resistant, sound-insulated and heat-resistant, not to mention that they provide any house with an individual look. Long before proceeding to finishes, our team invests time and effort to think through all the details and get the walls prepared for work. In other words, we never have issues, whether the work is in progress or completed.


Each of the materials we use for finishes has unique features and benefits. Our specialists will gladly provide you with a free consultation and help you find the finish that will suit your building the best way possible!